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serving as the Army's magician


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In September 2017, I joined the military and started my service as the army's magician.

What does it mean to be a military magician? It's being special! Receive "Come on, no way you're the army's magician" at least twice a day. It means entertaining soldiers in positions and bases throughout the country. 

לא רק בארץ


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From the age of 15 I go around the world thanks to this profession.

Over the years I have attended professional conferences all over the world (England, Italy, the United States, and more) to hear from the best in the field. In 2016, I received a scholarship to attend a conference in the United States, and became one of two scholarship recipients worldwide. That summer, I performed under the auspices of the Jewish Agency in various states in America, in 11 different shows - for kids, adults, and the whole family.

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The first step I made on my way to becoming a magician was at age 7. For two years, ?????almost every Saturday, I joined a magician's performances (which has already become a dear friend and friend) who taught me everything that goes on behind the scenes. .?????

first steps


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From the age of 6 I have been practicing magic every day, all day. When I turned 9, and started to perform, the magic had already become a major part of my life. I remember days when I would go after school to a show , then to shoot on a tv show and then return home to do my homework.

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